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Optical Encoders

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Optical Encoder


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    ·         Flexible Bus Assemblies

    ·         Special Bus Bars


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Our world renowned jumpers, potentiometers, and optical encoders offer a wide range of interface possibilities and are used on many commercial and military flight decks, and test equipment, anywhere high-reliability components are required.

Our design approach is modular, which means we not only create many standard configurations, we can easily adapt a solution to your needs.

NOTE TO OUR OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS: All pushbutton selector switches, are designated EAR99, which means they can be shipped to most destinations under most circumstances, under the designation "NLR" (No License Required), according to the US Bureau of Industry and Security.

Customized To Your Needs

Mason, Janco offers a broad category of standard catalog switches, however majority of our applications today are customized solutions. Mason Janco has an extensive library of product applications along with testing reports. We have created specific variations for many different customers and because of this experience, we are confident that by working with our customers, we can meet or exceed their requirements. 

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