Bonded Jumper

Bonded Jumpers

Janco bonded jumpers are the first choice for any application where flexibility is a requirement. A wide variety of standard production units are readily available and any special requests or questions are gladly welcomed by our great customer service team, they are one call/email away.

Power Jumper

Power Jumpers

Janco power jumpers are fabricated using materials certified to conform to applicable military specifications and perform greatly when in need of flexibility. Some features include tinned copper plating on terminals and the braided cable.

Quick Disconnect Jumper

Quick Disconnect Jumpers

Quick disconnect jumpers are of the integral cable-terminal construction wherein the cable extends throughout the full length of the terminal pad. After fabrication unites are suitable plated to withstand corrosion. 

Flexible Bus Assemblies

Flexible Bus Assemblies 

Janco flexible bus assemblies are well suited for power distribution on circuit breaker gangs, terminal blocks, relays, etc. The terminals are permanently swaged to the cable to effect positive contact and are capable of meeting applicable physical and electrical requirements. Units are available both insulated and non-insulated. 

Special Bus Bars

Special Bus Bars 

Mason facilities are geared to handle your Janco special bus bar design requirements, simply contact our customer service to begin the process. 

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High quality jumpers with great conductivity and reliability. 

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